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Chiropractic Care for Children… Part 2

Chiropractic Care for Children… Part 2 What does chiropractic care involve? The first thing a chiropractor will do is to conduct a thorough history of your child’s health and any complaints. This is followed by a complete physical examination of the child’s spine. Most chiropractors are trained to evaluate paediatric spinal problems, and will use […]

Chiropractic Care for Children… Part 1

Chiropractic Care for Children…  Part 1 Chiropractors have been caring for adults and children for more than 100 years.  It is well-known in the scientific literature that many common ailments respond extremely well to this safe, natural form of health care.  In recent years more and more parents, especially those who have been treated themselves […]

Reduce Stress in Your Life

Reduce Stress in Your Life We all know that Stress plays a negative role in our lives and will impact on your health.  Among other things it depresses your immune system, interrupts your sleep, and can cause you to overeat or make poor food choices. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce stress in your […]

Resolution Check

Resolution Check Now that we are a couple months into the new year (that flew fast didn’t it?), it’s time to check on the resolutions you set for the new year. Take a minute (or five) to reflect on your goals and the actions steps you have been incorporating to reach those goals. As you […]

Protect your heart, protect your brain

Protect your heart, protect your brain What helps your heart can help your brain, too. Following a heart-healthy lifestyle can lower your chances of having a stroke, and it can also make a big difference in your mental abilities as you age. In fact, getting plenty of physical activity, eating a healthy diet and other […]

For Exercise in 2013, Just Try Walking

For Exercise in 2013, Just Try Walking A sedentary lifestyle has a debilitating influence on your health as you age, therefore exercise is imperative. While some fitness enthusiasts relentlessly seek out the latest, trendiest exercise crazes, many others are returning to good, old-fashioned walking to help them feel great and get back into shape. Whether […]

Promises to keep for 2013

Promises to Keep in 2013 As the time spent with family, friends and relaxation from life’s normal routines draws to an end and the symbolism and celebration of the New Year has come and gone, we are given an opportunity to reflect on the past year and to set forth our intentions for the coming […]