Resolution Check

Resolution Check

Now that we are a couple months into the new year (that flew fast didn’t it?), it’s time to check on the resolutions you set for the new year. Take a minute (or five) to reflect on your goals and the actions steps you have been incorporating to reach those goals. As you reflect, ask yourself three main questions:

1. Is my goal still the same? If so, then continue to focus on achieving that goal. If not, then focus your attention on what matters to you today. Perhaps you’ve already reached your goal – if so, then build on that success by shooting for something even better.

2. What is working well? What isn’t? If something is working well, then by all means keep up the good work. Also take a moment to reflect on why it is working well. By determining the why, you might be able to translate that success into other areas of your life. If something isn’t working, then now is the time to make an adjustment.

3. Is there anything we can do to help?  For years we’ve been helping folks improve their health through chiropractic care.  If there is anything we can do to help (even if it’s only a few words of encouragement), let us know and we’ll be glad to do everything in our power to help.

We want you to succeed! If the goal just isn’t panning out the way you thought it would, talk it over with Dr. Mark on your next visit.  Maybe he can help you make adjustments or get you moving a little faster towards that goal.  Don’t give up!

Dr. Mark Holliman and Staff